Tuesday, March 2, 2010

RAD resources

I received this email as a part of a group I beoing to today and wanted to share.

"In honor of National Child Life Month, I would like to give away some of the print, audio and video resources I have created in recent years to a few of my precious colleagues in the adoption and foster care communities, during the month of March only.

The Jonathon Letters, co-authored with a foster/adopt mom, illustrates the real challenges of a family coming to grips with the attachment struggles of a deeply troubled 4-year-old who has entered their family. (For more information on the print version, click http://www.healthy-family.net/jonathon.html. For more information on the audiobook version, click http://www.healthy-family.net/jonathon2.html.)

The Hope Filled Parent is a meditation CD for foster and adoptive families that find themselves stretched thin by the demands the hurt children in their care exact. Some of the meditations are funny; others zero right in on the heart of the struggle. All are designed to uplift and encourage. (For more information, click http://www.healthy-family.net/hofipa.html.)

Baby Verses: The Narrative Poetry of Infants and Toddlers is a book that sets out to describe the world from the point of view of a baby. The accompanying CD records the voices of very young children telling their own stories about early loss, parental depression and alcoholism, adoption, and discovering courage. (For more information, click http://www.healthy-family.net/babyverses.html.)

Is Anyone in There? Adopting a Wounded Child is a 13-minute DVD that portrays the experience of a new adoptive family who is stunned by the emotional unavailability and despair they encounter in the baby with whom they have just been presented. (For more information, click http://www.healthy-family.net/transition5.html.)

Gentle Transitions: A Newborn Baby’s Point of View About Adoption is a 10-minute DVD that describes adoption at birth from the perspective of the infant, who is conscious and observant about all that is going on around him. (For more information, click http://www.healthy-family.net/transition1.html.)

Our library of resources about the emotional development of infants and toddlers, and their families (see www.infant-parent.com) includes many more titles. But in honor of National Child Life Month, I have decided to give away—during all of March, 2010—a copy of any one of these resources. All you have to do is ask, by clicking teresa@infant-parent.com

I will cover the shipping, anywhere in the US, as well.

We need all the resources we can pull together, to support the optimal development of the babies in our midst, on whom so much depends.

With regards for your work,

Michael Trout, Director

The Infant-Parent Institute"
I am not sure what they mean by them covering the shipping. I'm not sure if that is from the last website listed or any of them but it doesn't hurt to ask them. Looks like some good resources.


Diana said...

Just wondering if anyone has tried this. I looked over their site and would be very interested in obtaining some of these resources. However, I didn't see where we were supposed to click to ask. Maybe we just send an email to the admin???

lavendergardener said...

All of these resources are amazing! Each is very worth purchasing (which I have done) but if they are willing to give them away, I'd highly recommend them to any adoptive parent.