Friday, November 20, 2009

Thanks for the kids

Instead of a Hurrah for our Kids I thought this weekend I'd write while I am thankful for my kids.

Eagle: I'm thankful for her adventurous spirit. I'm thankful that she is working so hard at finding her way out on her own. She is doing such a great job.

Dancer: I'm thankful she is home for a week from college! I'm thankful for her studious nature and for her desire to help people with her life.

Fish: I'm thankful for his careful consideration of my feelings. I'm thankful he is such a hard worker. I'm thankful for his smile.

Teddy Bear: I'm thankful for the beginnings of healing. I'm thankful for his artistic ability and for seeing him start to set some goals for himself.

Taz: I'm thankful for his free spirit. I'm thankful for his soft heart and also for the healing I have seen in his life.

Hubby: I'm oh so thankful for my supportive husband. He is the quiet rock standing behind me.

I'm also thankful for each of you! Your wit, wisdom and caring mean the world to me.

Happy Thanksgiving!

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