Friday, November 20, 2009

If your oxygen mask drops..........

When a flight attendant does her little speech when you first get on a plane she tells you that if your oxygen mask drops to please put on and adjust your own mask before assisting others. What if you were in an emergency and you ignored this instruction? This is a great metaphor for mom's. We tend to take care of the needs of others and ignore our own. How do we balance this with Biblical teachings? The Bible says we are to be the servant of all. Jesus was our example by washing the feet of the disciples. We do love our husbands and children so much and will do anything for them. No where in the Bible does it say to love others means you have to be an over weight, haggard exhausted mess who can no longer function.

When you are over worked can you still have a serving attitude? It is very difficult. It is easy to become resentful and weepy. Maybe that is just me. I'm not talking about spending a bunch of money you don't have. I'm saying take 30 minutes a day to walk, read, sit down with a cup of coffee, or take a quick nap.

Date your husband. It is good for both of you. When we didn't have much money I'd drop off the kids at a friends and come home and fix a nice meal just for the two of us. Go out for an ice cream cone. The simple things are sometimes the very best. When our kids are at youth group on Sunday night my husband and I go get groceries together. He pushes the cart and I go through the list. Even though it is just a chore I look forward to the time to talk.

There is also the point of what we are teaching our children about how to treat their wives. My boys open the door for me. They are not to walk in front of me, but next to me. They are to speak respectfully to me or the conversation is done.

Please put on your oxygen mask before assisting those around you.


BeckyJoie at Leaders in Learning said...

Another great post. My hubby and I do Sunday Night grocery shopping too. Then, if we have time, we go home and watch a video we rented from the library (usually re-runs of TV shows).

Brenda said...

have you watched the old Get Smart videos yet? We enjoyed those.

SanitySrchr said...

Thank you! I NEEDED to hear this!