Friday, October 2, 2009

Fear Eating

A couple of posts ago I talked about emotional eating. If I stop and think about it my emotional eating is next to nothing compared to what I see happening with Bear. The other day it was cold and crisp here in Nebraska. I decided to fill the 6 qt crock pot to the top with chili and made a big 9 x13 of cornbread. We ate a little early before Taz had swim team, I went to Zumba class and Bear went to the Y. We went from there to parent teacher conferences.

When we arrived home Taz said he was a little hungry so I said to go ahead and he could have another bowl of chili if he'd like. I went upstairs and when I came down Bear had 3 more bowls and I don't know how many pieces of cornbread. He had then taken the pot of chili to his room and was going to finish the rest in his room with the door shut. That my friend, is emotional eating.

The fear of hunger, the fear of not being taken care of, the fear of no love, fear of not is so deep. It is so sad.


BeckyJoie at Leaders in Learning said...

Yes, it is sad. Also, since my two are teen boys, it's hard sometimes to tell whether they are eating us out of house and home due to RAD or just the factor of teenage hunger. (My oldest a skinny one at age 18, not labeled with RAD, eats about as much or more than they do!)

Brenda said...

Becky Joie,

I agree one hundred percent. We have 3 teen boys right now. Two are still growing. The other is very active in sports so they are always hungry. I think the key though was taking the big bowl into his room and shutting the door. Plus when my child with RAD says he is hungry he says it in such a mornful voice.