Thursday, October 1, 2009


ATTACH is the Association for the Treatment and Training in the Attachment of Children. Their website has information on attachment that is useful for parents and professionals. They have a resource section that provides information on training for therapists, books and where to find an attachment therapist. They hold an annual conference where sessions are given by top therapists and psychologists in the field. If you cannot attend this conference the sessions are available for purchase on DVD or CD for this years conference and several years back. You can read through and find topics that interest you and do not have to purchase the entire conference.
You may join ATTACH which puts you on a list serv with many other parents plus provides a wide variety of other information. The membership for parents is $55 which is well worthwhile considering you can then download both the Therapeutic Parenting Guide and the Professional Practice Guide for free!!

I am promoting ATTACH because I feel it is important that there is this strong leadership in this field. It provides education, support and training. I think it is of great benefit to each of us as parents and for our kids!


BeckyJoie said...

I've known about ATTACH but didn't know they had parent memberships. Thanks for posting.

Brenda said...

Becky Joie,

Yes! It is for parents and there is great info on the members only website. Plus the email parents list is very active should you choose to join it!