Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Unfinished Business

Tonight in class I had to present Gestalt Therapy. It is basically looking at a person's unfinished business and how it is effecting their current life. Then helping them realize there are other choices. Sound familiar?

Last Friday I went to an Attachment and Trauma Workshop given by Daniel Bruckner and Debra Wesselman of the Attachment and Trauma Center of Nebraska in Omaha. There is enough information I received from this workshop to post for a long, long time!

One of the important elements in dealing with our child's trauma is dealing with their unfinished business, taking a look at the little boy/girl inside your child. First I am going to cover what this looked like for our youngest child, Taz.

Our therapist had Taz and I design a baby nursery. We cut ours out of a Penney's catalog, drew his current room layout and then glued the furniture into place. The next step was going back and talking a lot about how little Taz felt as a baby and toddler. What did he imagine his room actually looked like then. They talked about what he felt, what happened when he cried. We also talked about what it would have been like to have been a baby at our home and what that would ahve felt like and what would happen when he cried. The therapist had me talk about how I would have felt if he was my baby and how I would take care of him. This was something we did several times. I believe this had something to do with him going back and going through some of his regression during which he began to crawl, ask for a bottle and even quit talking for several days.

During this time, if your child does regress, talk with your therapist about how any limits you should place. We told him that if he needed to be baby Taz to let us know through his actions. It needed to happen at home when he was safe. During other times we would expect him to act 12 (at the time). I believe all of this was very important in his healing.

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