Saturday, September 12, 2009

Hurray for our kids

I have not done this for awhile and think it is good for me. I need to realize that all of our kids have done some things this week worth shouting about if I just take a look.

Eagle: Is working and taking care of herself out on her own now. Such a weird feeling for us all.

Dancer: Has really been contemplating her major and has changed to a sociology major with a social work minor. She wants to do something that helps people.

Fish: Has all As currently online. I love the ability to check their grades on line.

Bear: Really wants to go into the army. He has never really wanted anything before so it is great to see him with a goal.

Taz: Is latching onto the choir at school. His ability to stay on pitch has improved so much over one month it is really exciting to listen.

How about you? If you contemplate long enough can you see the good things happening in your kids lives? Have a healing weekend.


Life's Mom said...

Life is Adopted!! After a few weeks of incredibly difficult behavior, she has seemed to settle down now that the adoption is final. Her teacher said that Friday was like having a completely different child. She also has all A's when I check online. The adoption ceremony was very sweet and 15 friends/family drove the 200 miles to be there with us. It was a wonderful day.

Brenda said...

I am so happy for you all. It is really great to hear that she has settled down too. And all As? WOW! So many good things coming your way and you have all worked very hard for each one. I am so happy to hear it. Thanks for sharing!