Monday, September 14, 2009

Fill 'er up with regular

When I was a little girl that is what my dad said each time he pulled up to the gas station. He sounded so cool when he said it that I would imitate that phrase when he wasn't looking.

The question is "Do I imitate the action now?" Moms tend to be givers. We give until our gas tank is beyond empty. Then we feel overwhelmed, taken for granted and take it out on others. Maybe it is just me.

We need to fill 'er up with regular~regularly. What are you doing this week to fill up your emotional gas tank? I hope you put some thought into it and intentionally seek out rest, comfort and relaxation. I used to watch MASH back in the early 80s. The army knows that even in the midst of war the soldiers need some R & R in order to stay safe and focused.

Other than my daily quiet time with God, here is what I am doing to have some R & R. Today I am meeting my husband for lunch at Subway while the kids are at school. Tonight I am going to Zumba class. Tomorrow I will go swim laps. In the evening I will go to Weight Watchers. Weds I have class but in the morning I am meeting a friend for coffee. Thursday I go to Guts and Butts Class. Friday I am attending an Attachment Workshop. Exercise and time with adults are an important parts of filling 'er up for me.

Have a healing week!


Reighnie said...

Guts and Butts class....I love that! lol

BeckyJoie at Leaders in Learning said...

After the Word and Worship (which I call "Bread and Jam", my filler-ups are writing, blogging, and Facebook. LOL. I think church and time with friends once in awhile play in there, too. This weekend is my first women's conference since adopting the kids years ago. I am biting my nails that they will be okay with a friend of mine for two days. Of course, my cellphone will be right on my hip on vibrate. :>)

BeckyJoie at Leaders in Learning said...

"years ago" LOL. I meant to say 2 1/2 years ago. LOL.

Brenda said...

Reighnie~ Thanks.Let's hope it magically makes them disappear.

BeckyJoie~ When I leave my kids I just know there will be problems and precussions during and afterwards. I have just decided it is part of the learning process for them to know this mom leaves but always comes back. It is hard but important for them to see. Have fun at your conference!

Life's Mom said...

Sunday - church
Monday - lift weights at gym
Tuesday - standing appt for lunch with best girlfriend. (She doesn't totally understand RAD, but she is still such an encouragement, swim laps.
Wed - play keys in worship band (respite worker takes Life to dinner during band rehearsal so she is happy too.)
Thursdays - lift weights
Every other Thursday - Life and I go to therapy which completely shoots a hole in my day and my ability to get anything done. SO, my wonderful husband solved the delema by hiring a housekeeper to do a couple of hours of housework WHILE we are at therapy. Now instead of coming home frustrated that I didn't get anything done around the house, I come home to a CLEAN house. Whoo hoo - the best gift ever!!
Fri - breakfast with my husband
Sat - swim laps (Life usually goes w/ me)

I agree Brenda - I have to make a plan to "fill er up" or it just doesn't happen. Summer, when she was with me all.the.time was more difficult, but I have friends who were willing to help, so I let them. My lap swimming buddy will often swim some with Life so that I can complete my laps. What a great friend!

Brenda said...

Life's Mom~ I LOVE that your husband has someone clean your house while you are at therapy. What a loving thing.