Thursday, August 6, 2009

Letters to Teachers

As I said yesterday, when my kids were younger I would often prepare a letter for the teacher. The vast majority of people have not heard of Reactive Attachment Disorder. Some will be skeptical. At one time I even had therapists who did not believe in such a diagnosis. Didn't have them for long. If you think a letter to the teacher would benefit your child I'm going to put some of the websites here. I generally find writing a fairly short concise letter best and combining some of the letters into one might work for you. Just remember not to send them pages of information as this already a very busy time of year for them.

Nancy Thomas

The Attachment Disorder Site

Center for Family Development

Here are some websites on dealing with school issues

Dr. Bruce Perry on the Scholastics Website
Bonding and Attachment in Maltreated Children:How you can help`Dr. Bruce Perry
Principles of Working with Traumatized Children`Dr. Bruce Perry
Special Topics Informing Work with Maltreated Children`Dr. Bruce Perry

From Attachment Disorder Maryland:
Oil and Water: The Attachment Disordered Child in School
Behaviors Commonly Displayed by AD Children in School
Characteristics of School that are Problematic for the Attachment Disordered Child
Intervention for School
Enemy Within~ Linda Ann Smith
Homework by Nancy Thomas
Navigating Uncharted Waters by Boris Gindis
Education and the Child of Trauma by Bryan Post
International Adoptees and School by Boris Gindis


Brie said...

Brenda - you are a rockstar! I was just thinking I needed to start getting all of this school info together for our new teacher...and here it is! Thank you, thank you, thank you!

peggysue said...

Agree, rock star status! I was just thinking about this too, I need one for school too. Thanks so much.

truevyne said...

thank you, thank you, thank you.