Saturday, August 8, 2009

Hurray for our Kids

Eagle: Just landed her first full time job as an office manager for a small company in another town. She leaves tomorrow and starts Monday. She'll be staying with relatives while she looks for a place to live.

Dancer: Finished camp yesterday and will be home on Monday for a week before going back to college.

Fish: Is enjoying some leisurely time after swimming/missions trip and his summer business.

Bear: Has decided he wants to join the army. I took him to a recruiter the other day and we chatted. He needs to work on his algebra to pass the entrance exam. We will see. I hope it works for him.

Taz: Has started a new medication that seems to be helping. That is a whole post in itself!

Have a glorious weekend. We are taking Eagle out for dinner and a movie. We bought her the traditional housewarming plant and found a pot with the name of our town on it!! It was from our towns bicentennial.

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