Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Back to School

School here starts on August 18th. I have to say that I am counting down the hours and have a FUN day planned for myself on the first full day, the 19th.

In the mean time we bought school shoes and some new shorts for the boys today. I am beginning the process of putting the boys teacher's emails into my contacts. I then put it under the child's name and so can send out and email to all their teachers if they are on a new med and need watched, have to miss for an appointment or if I have a general concern. We will go to the school tomorrow and walk through the order of classes and find the lockers. We have appointments for a couple of weeks after school starts for med checks.

When the boys were in grade school I would use one of the letters to teachers available on several sites. Tomorrow when I have more time I will locate several of those and post them for you.

Tonight our oldest and I are going to a late movie together. She has her first full time job in the area of business in another town. She begins the job on Monday. So we are going out to get some time together!

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