Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Indoor Oasis

At the beginning of the summer I made a little outdoor oasis for myself to enjoy in the mornings with my coffee.

As the summer has grown hotter and the Nebraska mosquitoes larger I looked for an indoor retreat. I decided there was room for a chair if I snuggled it into the corner of our bedroom. I looked at on Craig's List and found a chair I loved for $75. If you have not used Craig's List I heartily recommend it. My daughter also found her first full time job on their site. www.craigslist.com Anyway, my indoor oasis is complete and I love my little hideaway. I go in there in the evening when my husband is home and shut the door, turn on the ceiling fan and lose myself in a book. Heavenly!!

Take care of the mama! When your tank is empty you will be overwhelmed, cranky and have nothing to give. This job of parenting a special needs child can drain you. Please find ways of refilling your heart and spirit. Don't forget to have a healing day~ for you.

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