Monday, August 10, 2009

Beautiful RV Park in TX! What a vacation spot!

My friend Christine over at Welcome to My Brain just bought an RV park in TX with her husband. What an adventure. If any of you need a fall get away in the south this would make a great trip. Christine and her hubby are an adoptive family who have dealt with RAD and a variety of other health/mental health issues! You can get free, experienced advice while you are there!!

So drive on down to the Hill Shade RV Park just west of Gonzales, TX.


Christine said...

Whoop! I expect the phone to start ringing off the WALL!

I know we never got together, but it is depressing to me to know I'm even farther from you. Is that weird?

Brenda said...

If it is weird I'm weird too. Well....anyway...bugs me too. It WILL happen. I know it. (us getting together) Is the phone ringing yet? I put it on my facebook page too.

peggysue said...

Well I'll go down just for the free RAD advice. :) We're pondering a move to northern MN for next year, so we'd come from about as far north as you can be to go about as far south.

Brenda said...


It is beautiful there but some mighty long winters!

peggysue said...

That's what everyone keeps telling us, but it actually would only be about five hours north of where we live now . . . we get winter already!