Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Blogging change~thoughts and questions

Here's the deal. In December I finish classes. In January I will become an Intern Therapist, student therapist, or whatever you wish to call it. Right now everything I have said on this blog is as a mom with no professional ties whatsoever. In January I cannot say that any longer. So here are my thoughts about my blog

1) Leave it as is but write a post stating that before this date all information on the site should be read as from a mother's perspective. All information after this date is still written from the mother's perspective but as a professional I will need to be careful what I say.

2) Some how change this blog into a website and categorize everything and stop blogging.

3) Leave this blog here and start a new blog as a professional.

I am concerned about liability, ethical issues and the mix of mom/professional. All advice and concerns from you are appreciated. You as other moms are my reason for being her and doing this. You inspire me, encourage me, encourage each other and sometimes give me a feel as to when I am on or off track with my kids. So I value your opinion on this greatly.


truevyne said...

If you start a blog as a professional, you'll be limited in what you can say. I'd still read it though...
Your thoughts have encouraged and prepared me as a mom. I do hope you continue to blog as a mom.

peggysue said...

I would miss it greatly if you discontinued, especially since I just found your blog recently and already it has given me such a great deal of help! And it stays positive, which I had found hard to find as a mom dealing with an RAD child.

Just blogging as a mom about every day life, I don't see how that could get you into trouble. I hope you find a way to continue.

marythemom said...

Wow, tough decision. Personally I read your blog because you are both.

It's your decision, and I'm sure a lot of it will be based on your future job's mandates. I would assume that a disclaimer might be all that's needed, especially since I'm assuming you will not be naming names. Are you sure it's a problem?

I have a Masters in Social Work, but am not currently working in the field so it's not a concern for me.

Mary in TX
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Brenda said...

Maybe I could just say this is written from a mom's point of view and not that of a therapist....I think I am going to email my Ethics professor and get his opinion. I'm really having some trouble putting it all into words even.....My original thoughts in starting my blog were thoughts as a mom because at the time everything I found seemed to be so professional....just thinking out loud. Thanks for what you have shared so far. I will definitely take it to heart.

BeckyJoie at Leaders in Learning said...

Definitely keep it as a mom's blog but then have a pro website and/or blog for business. Change your name on the mom's blog, adding a disclaimer about being a mom and nothing to be construed as professional advice... Then use a different personal title for your pro blog just to prevent issues. Just a thought. The other thing to think about is that you are writing on your own time and not on the clock. Of course you have ethics and morals so legal advice would help.

Life's Mom said...

I enjoy hearing from your mom's point of view, especially since you have so many more years experience with RAD than most of us here do. It also helps that your advice is consistent with the direction that we are going in therapy.

I also appreciate how positive you keep this blog. When times can be completely overwhelming, it is refreshing to hear from someone who has been there that there is hope still for my child.

ali said...

#1. for sure.
love your new background!
i was just thinking of changing my background too! i picked one, but i need C to help me. she will be here saturday to babysit while Yogi & i go see RENT! our 5th time.(can.not.wait!)maybe she can help me then.
congrats on being "almost there!"
why does jack steal shovels and put them in the woods? huh? huh? amnswer that one! LOL

Brenda said...

Thanks all for your ideas.

Ali~ Is he going to buy something he may have taken?

Anonymous said...

I vote for you blogging as a mom and putting a disclaimer that it is from your mothering perspective and keep it about your family. You'll always have the professional twist in how you respond to your family situations that will be just as valuable as your experience to date. Keep on bloggin'!