Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Shake Your Sillies Out

Yesterday at the grocery store Eagle and I spotted this Dora cake on the day old rack. It was 40 per cent off of $5. I have not stopped to figure out exactly what that is but I think we got about a millions dollars worth of fun out of it. We took a variety of pictures with it. Bear was really uncomfortable with the whole thing. He laughed when we took pictures but he didn't really want to be part of it. I did get one of he and Fish with it but he is making his fingers into a gun and shooting Dora so I didn't post it. It was interesting to see how uncomfortable a little cake and family laughter could make him. As you can see Taz joined right in. Do something silly today! It is great for every ones mood!
I wanted to add that I think it is important during fun times to let everyone have fun in their own way. It is ok that Bear joined in in whatever way he was comfortable. He took the above photo. That was fun for him. He should not be forced or made to feel different. JUST HAVE FUN!


Christine said...

I'm WAY loving the purple teeth. Look like they're glowing.

peggysue said...

Okay, I did that! I attached the kids with a squirt gun INSIDE the house when they came home from a hot (106 degrees) day at camp. I have to wipe up spills anyway, so I might as well make 'em! :) DD loved it, she was squealing with glee and hiding in the bathroom, covering herself with towels.

Brenda said...

Peggy Sue,

Sounds like fun. I have used the spray hose on the sink to squirt before but the danger in that is it opens it up to everyone using it which can be a problem! : )

familygregg said...

Love it!

btw...i was visiting way back when you didn't post photos and I must say.....I feel so much more connected to your family now. It's good to see who I am praying for.

Brenda said...

family gregg,

Thank you so much. You know. I think I will have Sunday be a prayer request day. So be thinking if you have something you'd like to share on Sunday.

Anonymous said...

Each person responds to humor in a different way. Some like pie-in-the-face physical humor. Some like puns and knock-knock joke. Some have a dry or sardonic sense of humor and some people love silliness.
Humor isn't one size fits all. What cracks me up either bores or confuses my eldest son. My two younger ones have a bizarre sense of humor. To them, "No soap, radio" is the wittiest jape imaginable.
I'm trying to say that I don't think it's strange that your son didn't appreciate the Dora thing. frankly, I didn't get it either. I guess you had to be there. He's just on a different wavelength.