Saturday, June 20, 2009

Hurray for our kids!

Eagle~ went to her college and took an exam. She is so close to graduating we can all feel it!

Dancer~ Is working away at camp. We look forward to seeing her over the 4th

Fish~ Works so hard at his swimming. He is swimming in an 800 yd race today. Eeeek.

Bear~ Is making a card for his Dad for Father's Day without any prodding from me.

Taz~ Has been very affectionate.

Remember to search for the good in your child!


Life's Mom said...

"Life" and I went to church camp all week. It was her first experience at a sleep away camp. (CPS would only allow her to go if I went too - but there were many parents there as counselors.) I was very nervous as there were so many triggers all around her, such as putting her back into a shelter-like environment. She did GREAT for the most part. She actually made a few friends which is HUGE - she does not have any friends. It was great (even if exhausting) to spend the entire week where I was able to whisper in her ear to coach her on some social skills training all week long. Then we got to follow up with "see - it worked!!" The other kids really like you when you are nice to them first. I believe we made some HUGE progress.

(I made another comment on the social skills post down below.)

Brenda said...

That is great!!! Maybe we need to invite a couple of boys out to do something so I'd be close by. Hmmm. When they come over they just go outside and then don't stay long. It would be easier if we were eating or something.

Brenda said...

Life's Mom~ I found the book on Barnes & Noble and it was in stock at the store that is near where I go to school. They are holding it for me until I get up there again. Thanks again!

Anonymous said...

I'm so glad you found the book. I think it has been very helpful.

-Life's Mom (I can't get it to post under my user name - sorry!)