Sunday, June 21, 2009

Happy Father's Day

The above photo is of my grandpa. He is the one in the chair. He died when my dad was a child but I heard stories of him my entire childhood from my grandma.

This is my dad and his brothers. He had several sisters as well. After my grandpa died, when my dad was 7 (around the age of the photo don't you think?) my grandma raised all these children alone. There was a wide age span so some were adults and helped out I'm sure.

On my 1oth birthday (I think) I received a camera. Here is a photo I took of my mom and dad. Aren't they cute? My parents would have been in their mid 30s. My dad died of a brain tumor at age 47. I was 24 by that time so had a safe, loving childhood with my dad.

This is my mother and father in law. They have been my in-laws for 25 years and are great people. They are wonderful grandparents to our children.

This is my husband and our children long ago while we are on vacation in Arkansas. You can see our oldest was thrilled to be stuck an alligator farm. She was in middle school at the time.

I have a rich heritage of father history. I know where they were, what they did and that I was loved and protected. Our children with RAD did not have this. Depending on past relationships with men, they may or not may relate at all to the current father. Father's Day may be difficult for your child. It may not mean anything at all. If they are healing, it can show in how they treat dad today. Bear has decided to make this day about him and only wants to talk about his birthday next week. I told him today is for dad so I won't discuss his birthday today. Tomorrow we can plan. So go light on any expectations of the kids and focus on the men in your life. They deserve it. Happy Father's Day Dads!

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