Friday, June 12, 2009

Guilt: The Perfume of Motherhood

Have you ever had someone walk by and thought"My goodness! Why are they wearing that horrible perfume?" We moms use stinky perfume often. It is called guilt. It smells terrible. We splash it liberally behind our ears, on our wrists. Sometimes we immerse our entire bodies in it!

So how about today if we stop and look at our parenting a little more objectively? Are you doing the best you can? You are going to make mistakes. There are days when you are tired. When you are wrong, apoligize to your child. If it was something you think needs confessing, then talk to God about it. Then move on. Forgive yourself.

You are doing a hard job. You are doing a great job. Sometimes nobody sees it. Sometimes no one acknowledges it. Other moms of RAD kids know. YOU ARE AMAZING! Splash a little of that on!


Story of our Life said...

I love you!!

Such truth.
So very plain.
So very simple.


So very hard to remember.

This speaks volumes to ANY mother...biological, adoptive, mom of a RAD child(ren), mom of a child with special needs (currently in that guilt ladden process myself over something w/my own biological child that I havne't had the courage to post on my blog)...

no matter what kind of mother..

Thanks for writing this. I've had a few moms today that i've fwd this to. One is a child we do respite for, who may be in our home for the summer a lot, one is another mommy who I respect and admire so much, and another family member...

Anyway, you always have such great posts and I rarely leave google reader to come post a responce (actually, never!!))

Thanks and Love,

Brenda said...

Thank you so much Story of Life! You are inspirational yourself!

Ericka said...

Thanks Brenda.
Needed that.... :)