Saturday, June 13, 2009

Hurray for our kids!

It has been a cloudy rainy month so far! Pretty weird for June. It hasn't felt much like summer and hasn't given us much chance to do summer activities. I hope we can start soon!

We've had some major ups and downs this week!

Eagle: Applied for over 90 jobs this week. Seriously.

Dancer: Is busy working and life guarding at camp.

Fish: Is competing in a swim meet this weekend

Bear: Applied for 3 jobs this week.

Taz: Has had some calmer moments in the alst two days and has decided he is going to do the task I chose to make up for climbing out his window. He is scrubbing grout. I told him it was his choice to make this up to me or not. We would be doing only "at home" activities though until he "felt the spirit move".

It is easy to be overwhelmed by the behavior of children with RAD. We can become focused on their anger. Look for the positives in their lives. It may take some real searching. Maybe the positives are tiny now. They will grow as they heal.


BeckyJoie at Leaders in Learning said...

That is true. There are positives if one looks hard enough. Sometimes they also come out of nowhere.

peggysue said...

I agree that the positives grow as they heal. Sometimes I thought I would never again experience 'normal' life and now we have days that closely approach the 'normal' I remember before bringing our daughter home, or behavior that is more like my three older children were when they were younger . . . almost and sometimes! :)
The last few days have been challenging . . . I'm still trying to pinpoint the triggers, they are almost impossible for me to spot.

Brenda said...


I have been told that sometime developmental milestones that cause anxiety in the emotionally healthy child can cause regression in a healing child. Taz starts high school in the fall and has just moved up into that youth group at church. It is causing major anxiety.

Kathy said...

It's easier for me to think, "hurray that summer will end and school will begin" at this point! I will try to find some positives today. I promise.