Saturday, April 11, 2009

Hurray for our kids

Happy Easter! We are having beautiful spring like weather in Nebraska today! It lifts the mood. I plan on going on a long walk this afternoon! So what positives have you seen in your kids this week.

Taz: He is my challenge this week.....He has asked for hugs a couple of times

Bear: Continues to raise the grades for which I am thankful.

Fish: Just does what he is supposed to do when he is supposed to do it. That is big when you are struggling with others

Dancer: Is home for Easter!!! She is encouraging!

Eagle: Continues to work hard on her studies and on looking for a job. Such determination!

I know some of you have had tremendous struggles the last few days. If you just can't think of anything about some of them rejoice in the positives of other family members!

A positive thing I have done for myself lately is joining Facebook. I don't talk about my own kids RAD or other problems on there because I am friends with some of the teens in town that know my kids. I am happy to discuss things going on with your own kids though. I have made a photo page on there called Family with the heading Finding Joy in every day. I have become a photo hound and take photos many times during the week when fun activity is going on with any family member. I have found that it 1) makes the event even more fun 2) has caused me to realize how much fun we do have and seek out more opportunities 3) post photos on Facebook that my kids share with their friends and then they too realize we are having fun together!

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