Friday, April 10, 2009

Secret grudges

Do you ever catch yourself secretly holding a grudge, building up resentment for what has happened in your home? I will sometimes catch myself reading meaning into every action and word my child with RAD says. I will sometimes say no because I'm angry for the way I've been treated. We need to talk with friends, family and God about our feelings and not bottle them up. When we don't say out loud "I am angry with this child because of yada yada" we can build up resentment.

During this long weekend I am going to focus on thinking positive about my child. I'm going to work hard at believing any positive words they say and carefully considering the validity of his negative words. Forgiveness is powerful. In Sunday School a couple of weeks ago we talked about it. Our pastor uses this example. It is like we are in a box. Every time we do something out of anger or resentment it is like we put up a bar across the front of the opening until we have imprisoned ourselves in a prison of unforgiveness.

Everyone deserves to be loved as they are. Today...embrace and forgive.

While you are at it remember to be thankful for the unfathomable Gift today represents.


matryoshka said...

thank you for posting this!! I DO have this issue more often than I would like..definitely a challenge but one I've been consciously working on improving.

Brenda said...


I'd have to say this is my biggest battle.