Monday, March 23, 2009

Mama Mondays

I am going to start writing on Mondays about moms. Taking care of children with serious emotional needs can take its toll. The tendency for many moms is to put everyone elses needs before our own. I do believe it is important to serve others. I do not think we can serve others if we are emotionally and physically depleted. Today I am going to talk about this stinking 10 lb I gained over the winter.

Nice weather is finally here. Walking outside is once again an option and I love it. I think the fresh air, birds singing and sunshine are invigorating. I also swim laps, use the elliptical, hand weights and treadmill. Obviously if I was doing these as often as I should I wouldn't have gained weight.

Then there is that nasty drive through window. I have started putting 100 calorie snacks in my glove box so if it is going to be awhile before I eat I can snack on one. It is when I wait until I am starving that I pull up to the drive through window and shocking words like "A #2 please" come out my mouth.

Emotional eating is my biggest problem. In Weight Watchers they taught us that in order to break one bad habit you have to replace it with a new habit. In other words just saying I am going to stop emotional eating is going to work. What am I going to do with those emotions instead? Because of my faith, I pray. I ask for strength and wisdom. Find something to do with your hands. Drink a large glass of water. Chew gum. That may sound silly but it is a stress reliever. I use chewing gum for test anxiety in grad school too. Go for a quick walk around the block. Call a friend or ask one to meet you for coffee.

Socialize! I think it is easy to get cut off from everyone else when you have difficult kids. It is easier to keep them home. There are a few places I can take them for an hour and it will be ok. I can only do it occasionally or it becomes a problem. Our public library and our local YMCA are the two best spots. I have to keep the time to no more than an hour but that gives me time to sit down and read through the paper at the coffee shop, run and errand or have a quick visit with a friend.

I believe all these things are actually wrapped up in managing my weight. When I feel emotionally recharged I care about how I look. When I feel physically strong I feel emotionally recharged. They seem to all be tied together! Today take care of the mama!


Essie the Accidental Mommy said...

sounds like a great idea to me.

Dinah said...

So important to remember to take care of the mama! But alo so hard to remember to do.

Nelly said...

It sounds soo easy but hard to remember. Reading your blog always inspires me. I wrote about you in my blog.

Rachelle said...

Great advice!

Brenda said...

I did go swim laps today. I didn't make it a whole mile though. I'd say I ate well. I had no time to myself but will get quite a bit tomorrow before class.


Thanks neighbor. You are so sweet.

Anonymous said...

This is one area that I started out GREAT in....but it slacked badly over time and I'm in serious need of mama-soul replenishing. Thanks for the suggestions and the reminder to take care of myself!!