Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Hurray for our Kids

My good friend B reminded me I have not done this for awhile. It was not intentional I just kind of wandered away from it. For those who are newer, we list positive things that have happened in our kids lives over the last week. It is easy with RAD to get caught into a pattern of thinking negatively. If we look we will see there are positives too.

Eagle: Has a job interview today! Made some VERY mature decisions regarding a boy.

Dancer: Is home for spring break! YEAH. She is going summer job hunting today.

Fish: Continues to be cooperative in picking up and delivering siblings when needed.

Bear: Has started sitting with Fish at lunch instead of with kids with whom he will get into trouble.

Taz: Has been very helpful around the house lately.

So, what positive has happened in your child's life over the last week? If you don't want to share I hope you will make a mental list.


Dinah said...

What a great idea! It is good to note the progress.

Brie said...

Butterfly threw a toy at me Sunday morning and hurt me. Then later during the peace offering at Church, she apologized all by herself, and seemed like she actually meant it.

BT said...

P controlled his anger when he didn't get his way and instead used words to describe his underlying feelings.

ali said...

yesterday, after much obeservation, i brought up the A word(anxiety) with Jacky and he was very receptive. we had an interesting conversation and he really opened up! he shared that getting off the bus and walking into the caf full of kids is excruciating. when i took him to his tournament game last weekend i had observed some MAJOR social anxiety, and when i asked him about it he was really open and animated about how AWFUL it was for him. i told him i am the same way. he asked me why he cant tell. i told him i cover it well lol. i told him there are ways to help yourself feel better and also some great pills out there for it and he was like "sign me up! at practice i am so good and in games i just cant do it"(which is true, hes an amzing player but absolutely chokes in games sometimes because he cant handle the people in the stands and is totally intimidated by any player he deems "better" than him, so of course tournament play is even worse. the kids are all the best of the best.)truth is, i have tried the drugs, they work soooo well but the side affects kill me. he wont notice those side affects, i dont think lol. i also gained alot of weight. with me, its more of a phobia thing than social anxiety, but the drug, at a very low dose, helped VERY much. he said "can i start today?" i told him we can talk to his shrink(the one he sees at his infectious disease dept. in boston every 3 months)about it on the 30th. he could never identify what he was feeling, but now that he knows what it is, maybe he can help himself and we can help him too. after 5.5 years. UGH. but i didnt pick up on it until last year and was told it was "typical of an 11 year old boy" @@

Brenda said...


AMAZING conversation. It really shows some trust on his part that he opened up to you! You are AWESOME!