Sunday, March 29, 2009

Fire setting and curious boys

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We have had some trouble with boys playing with matches and starting fires where they should not. I do not want to be responsible for giving anyone advice on this matter as it is really serious. If your child is playing with matches or starting fires PLEASE seek the guidance of a professional. I cannot tell you what is right for your child but can only say what we have done for ours, what is right for us. Our Attachment therapist suggested we get a fire pit. Actually Taz bought it for us with his money since it was because of him we needed to do this. We went to the library and got a book on fire safety. He is in charge of building the fire in our fire pit. Fire is not a bad thing. In fact it can be useful and fun if used correctly. Today for lunch we roasted hot dogs and marshmallows. We had S'mores for desert. Afterwards I asked Taz if he had fun and of course he did. We talked about fire again and how it is good if used properly. I do not think this would work if your child was setting fires out of anger, but only if it is a passing interest. Please be careful. I was hesitant to post this. Taz is our child who is healing from RAD and has made some great progress. I am so thankful for that.


Story of our Life said...

Great idea. We didn't have this issue with Cor. Thank heaven.

Awhile ago, Christine (Smiles and Trials blog) posted about the same thing. They did the same thing for her son. (non-rad, bio). I thought it was a great idea.

It is a safe and natural way to teach ANY child what it is all about.

ali said...

we had a fire in our huge fire pit the othr night and in the morning jackson was throwing twigs into the hot ashes and watching them smoke while i got ready to go. after i left to take jackson to basketball try-outs, uncle Tim found his can of carborator cleaner in the fire pit! if that had been a fire, not just hot ashes, the can could have taken his head off! when we arrived home, Tim brought it to my attention and we both had a long talk with jackson about how dangerous(and disrespectful and sneaky!)that decision was. he had permission to throw twigs. not FULL cans of carborator cleaner!hes so impulsive. now hes not allowed near the fire pit so hes bummed. he just has NO logic and reasoning skills.

Brenda said...


I so get that. At this point, with it being new, our boys are not allowed out there without one of us standing there. The lack of logic, cause and effect thinking is one of the scariest parts to me. I'm glad Jackson didn't get hurt.