Tuesday, February 24, 2009

RAD logic or lack there of

Bear: "I love you so much I would die for you mom. I would gladly give my life for you." (said very dramatically and when he was very angry with me.)

Me: " I want you to love me enough to be nice to me."

Bear: "Well that is too hard." (Said with all the emotion suddenly gone in a tone that said I was ridiculous.)


Christine said...

Yes, yes, yes, yes, yes, yes, yes.

Today in therapy ... again ... third verse - same as the first ...

"I don't WANT a bad mom. I just want everyone to THINK she is a bad mom so she'll let me do whatever I want."

Brenda said...

Hmmm. Is her plan working? ; )

ali said...

"i had a mama ih Haiti once. she got dead. we burned her in a big fire. and that was it." this is my daily life.

Alyssa's Mom said...

Me: How about if I treated you the way you treat me?

Alyssa: You can't do that! You HAVE to be nice to me!

Me: Well if I have to be nice to you, why don't you have to be nice to me?

Alyssa: As she pauses very dramatically for effect.and gives me that "are you really that stupid" look.. You are supposed to set a good example for me!

Life is RAD land is never dull!

Brenda said...

So hard to move past the trauma. So afraid to let themselves feel safe.

Christine said...

I think she has it set in her head that she'll know her plan is working when it finally works!

I stop to imagine what it must be like to actually suffer long enough to HAVE RAD. You have to endure so much for so long. So, in her mind, keeping up this most recent game probably seems like a piece of cake.

I tend to walk around humming and singing and dancing, ESPECIALLY when I'm totally ticked off at her behavior. Helps me maintain myself. Well, today as she was not allowed special privileges, and I KNEW that she was not happy about her restrictions, I noticed her singing and swaying.

She's good. She's so very, very good.

Brenda said...

I noticed once that our youngest sings at times when he should be feeling bad about what he has done. I asked him once about it and he said he was cheering himself up. Would make sense except for the fact that he should be making things right instead!

matryoshka said...

We have a new game now...if she says something nice to me; I pretend to faint. She gave me a hug yesterday just so I could pretend to faint and she could laugh....maybe saying something nice will seem more attractive..