Monday, December 22, 2008

RAD Escalation

I feel like I've run a Marathon. I ran from place to place all day. I am going to sleep so well tonight! My boys are both stressing over Christmas. Even with one who has been healing for awhile and one who is just beginning that have really pulled back. My words SEEM to not get through but they hear me and I have to believe they make a difference. I have been doing a lot of Time In for Taz. He is with me most of the time. He has to follow me around the house and even sit out side the bathroom (with the pets) when I go in. This reminds me. My exerience has been that when their behavior escalates, my self care must escalate. I spent a good long while at the Y without kids this evening working out. I have been doing some research on mini trampolines! The up and down movement really gets your blood flowing. According to these exercise websites this really gives a feeling of calm, lowers blood pressure and according to research is good for vision and brain function. I think I need to spend more time jumping myself. If you are just getting one and trying this with your kids, it is a privilege to jump on the trampoline at our house, not a punishment. "Would you prefer 5 minutes of jumping or 10 sitting on a chair in time in?" Which do you think your little RAD ling is going to choose?! I am not sure I'll make it back on here before Christmas. Have a wonderful time with your families and remember why.


Torina said...

Thanks for the trampoline tip!

Karen Deborah said...

Huey Lewis and the News is great jumping music. Merry Christmas to you too! Any tidbits on improved brain function need to come my way.

Hannah_Rae said...

I totally want a trampoline now. :)

I found you through Christine's blog...which I found through an adoption magazine online...anywho, my husband and I are in the process of adopting a 12 year old girl out of a residential treatment program. She is definitely showing signs of RAD, so your blog has been so wonderfully encouraging and enlightening for me.


Brenda said...

Hannah Rae,

Welcome!!! It is nice to meet you!