Saturday, November 8, 2008

Hurray for our kids!

Its the weekend! YEAH! For us that means a lot of chores around the house, going to the Y together, maybe the library and just hanging out. Tomorrow we have church and then more of the same as today! I was thinking. (I know. Impressive and shocking) What if, while sharing great things our kids have done this week not only with others we share it with them. I am going to start typing it up each Saturday and posting it on the frig! They need to hear it too!

Eagle: Had a tough week but rebounded and kept going.

Dancer: Has a new job!

Fish: Was in the play Bye Bye Birdie and did a great job!

Bear: Has been more willing to talk about his feelings this week about some things he has not in the past.

Taz: Has truly been sorry when he has done wrong. I appreciate that!



nikkicrumpet said...

Hey Brenda...thanks for coming over...I WISH my backyard looked like that first picture...then it would be a resort! But we do love our little paradise...we're slowing getting it to where we want it to be. Now I'm gonna poke around your blog...don't mind me I made sure to wipe my feet!

Rick said...

Hey! I'm going to give you web address to a young mother in our church. They have four children - two adopted and she was tlaking about the older one today - about how she fits the profile of RAD.

My mind went to you right away.

If you hear from Tia - she's the one.


Brenda said...


Thanks. If I don't have info for her there are other moms who come here who do!