Friday, November 7, 2008

Dealing with Anger

My bud Rick at drew this doodle and posted it on his blog yesterday. He said it was free for use so I'm using it! Thanks Rick. Anyway, I think it so applies to RAD parenting. Our children had so much evil in their past that is still effecting them. They are living in the terror of it daily. Well, I have one who lives it daily and one who is recovering but regresses now and then. It is easy during to take it personally and to want to verbally hurt back. It is easy to think "Fine. I don't want to be near you either" and retreat. With RAD the opposite reaction is necessary for healing. When they really want us away and are most afraid is when they need us the most. That is the time for the kind words, the gentle touch and the loving eyes. Overcome their past evils with good. Show them you are safe to love. They can trust you. I think one of the reasons I like this doodle is because it reminds me of the scared little boy in the monster suit. Our children are not evil. Their lives have just been over come by it and we have to help them find their way out. Have a healing day.


Blaine said...

Thanks, I needed that! So true!

T and T Livesay said...

Great to read of a mom being trusting and open enough to keep it real about the challenges of kids with RAD --- the world needs you! I know it takes courage to lay the truth out and that many people do not understand ... but I applaud you for your efforts.