Saturday, November 1, 2008

Hurray for our Kids!

That's right it is time for some praise and good thoughts about our kids. Some weeks it is tough. Doesn't matter! We NEED to do it. We need to look for progress. If we don't see progress we look for signs. If we don't see signs we find something good. If we can't find something good we need to reexamine our attitudes be cause there is something good to be said about all our children. Look harder!

Eagle: Finished a MAJOR project at school that took hours every day.

Dancer: Called to talk about her transferring back to the area and setting up some visits over Thanksgiving. It will be awesome!

Fish: Is in the high school musical this weekend Bye Bye Birdie!

Bear: Before the grade cards came out he managed to pull a D up to a C. I was glad for that!

Taz: Well, I have something sweet about him I will post tomorrow but he passed out candy to all the little kids last night and did a great job.

Have a great weekend. We are having fantabulous weather here in Nebraska!


Renee said...

I love that you can always find good things to post.

marythemom said...

I've loved your blog and it has helped me a lot. I didn't connect until this post that you are from Nebraska. My children (Kitty and Bear) are also from Nebraska, as is Hubby. We live in Texas, but try to visit family up there yearly. Maybe next time we visit up there we can meet! It's so hard to find others who are going through similar experiences.

mom to son Bear (15 with RAD), Kitty 13 with attachment disorder, and biodaughter Bob (12), and bioson Ponito (9).