Saturday, September 20, 2008

Absence makes the heart grow.....afraid

I was gone most of today on a field experience for my multicultural counseling class. This is the only Saturday class I have the whole time and I only have 4 more classes left. We do have a field experience tomorrow at a 1000 member African American church in Omaha, NE We are then having lunch at a Mexcian family run restaurant. It will be a long day again. I took Taz with me today but I think it was a little too long and a little too academic for him. It was a very worthwhile experience for me.

It was very traumatizing for Bear. He was a mess this evening. Having me gone again tomorrow will only make things worse. Then, of course, I have class on Monday night. I'm thinking by Tuesday was could have some major problems. I need to call during the day tomorrow and talk with him. I will reassure him in the morning before I go that I am coming back. It must be horrible to live in fear. After 10 years he is still waiting for the day I do not return.

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