Sunday, August 31, 2008

Thanks Coffee Bean

Coffee Bean at Righteous Buzz just gave me this award. It just dawned on me that I have not been passing awards on. Oh my goodness. First, THANK YOU, Coffee Bean. I love your blog too. How do I pass this on??? There are so many blogs I love. I think I'll pass it on to:
Attaching Hearts
Crawford Life & Times
Family Gregg
Life In The Crazy House
My Radical Family
Pieces From Me
We May Not Have It All Together, But Together We Have It All
Welcome To My Brain

Each of there women fights bravely in the battle to heal our children from RAD. There are several others of you who have blogs that deal often with RAD. If you'd like for me to add a link to your blog please let me know. Some people like being linked, others prefer to keep readers as close family and friends. Anyway, thank you ladies for sharing your hearts, ideas, and lives with me. Thank you Coffee Bean for the award.


familygregg said...

That is sooooo sweet. Thanks for the encouragement :) It's been a monster week.

Christine said...

I love you more.

Coffee Bean said...

You are most welcome!

ali said...

thank you so much brenda!!!!!!!

Bren said...

Thank you Brenda! What an honor!!!

Lisa said...

Big love Brenda! Big love!
Thanks so much!!!!