Saturday, August 30, 2008

Hurray for our kids!

These beautiful fall like mornings are invigorating to me. I love this weather. Hopefully you are getting some of it too. Here in Nebraska the morning air is cool and crisp. Anyway, time to be positive about our kids. Heaven knows I've shared enough negative this week.

Eagle: Has moved back on campus and is beginning her final semester.

Dancer: Has begun her sophmore year of college. She enjoyed freshmen Welcome Week and working with the new students.

Fish: I truly had fun with him at the concert on Weds. He is a great kid.

Bear: I believe the raise in medication might be helping! He even admitted he thinks he feels better. YEAH!

Taz: Has shown some real signs of peace. If I ever ran late he would be so worked up by the time I got there. We had miscommunicaton about who was picking up Taz after school yesterday and were really late getting there. He said he was sitting under a tree reading and didn't even notice until after quite awhile. That is HUGE for him.

Have a glorious Labor Day weekend. I'm going to do some baking with the boys to make care packages for the girls. Of course, the boys will get to keep some at home.


Christine said...

Ugh. Because I so desperately did NOT want to click on this post in my feed reader, is exactly why I need to be doing it.

ds12 - with every single time of anger, he will eventually (after extreme silences) say specifically what he is angry about. I cannot think of one time this week that he absolutely refused. He is using his words more and more. It's amazing.

dd10 - she has a new habit of coming up and just playing with my hair to relax me (What? Do I LOOK like I need relaxing?? ha!). It is so nice.

ds9 - he is actually using his words much better, and "reading" his brother better. Instead of whining or snapping, he is actually being fairly therapeutic, knowing that it will help ds12 stay in control! Amazing.

dd9 - she sat with her baby sister and read to her twice this week - unprompted! WHOA!

dd5 - my most challenging emotionally healthy child. She adores her siblings, and copies everything they do - even the RAD behaviors. Yet, yesterday, as I had everyone sitting until someone admitted to breaking such-and-such, she stood up and admitted her fault so that her siblings could go play. She owned her mistake.

Brenda said...


I was just getting off here to go work out and get started on my day. It's 9:36. I love Saturdays. Ooops. Off track. Anyway, I so understand about not wanting to do this. I'm glad I've made it an EVERY weekend chore for myself. It forces me to come up with something positive. Sometimes I just don't feel positive. It's good though. Did I ever point out that my friend Renee came up with this idea. She's a brilliant gal.