Thursday, August 7, 2008

Good Morning!

What have you done to take care of yourself this week? Tomorrow I am going to talk about the verbal issues with our children. For today I feel a need to lift you and myself up. So....taking care of emotionally demanding children requires that we take care of ourselves. There is a reason I push this. I have seen the difference repeatedly in myself when I consistently do this and when I don't. Just a few days of not getting a break and I become overwhelmed. Saturday we are going to Spaghetti works and then to a movie. Afterwards hubby will bring the kids home and I will go on to Omaha to spend the night with a good friend. She and her husband were church friends of ours when we lived in Omaha and we have never lost contact. I'm excited to see her and excited to have a night away! We will probably just go out for dinner and then spend the evening talking. We'll go to church Sunday morning go out for lunch and then I will head back. Tuesday night the group that was in my Theories class at graduate school is meeting for dinner. It is easy to think that it is too hard to arrange, the kids will act out when I get back, they will see what they can get by with while I am gone and then brag when I get back. I don't care! I'm going. When I get back and they start bragging I just say nonchalantly "That is fine. Dad was in charge and I don't care." sometimes I say "I missed you and I am glad to see you." and refuse to discuss whatever infraction they insist on sharing. OR they tattle "Taz did this and this and this and this while you were gone." Too which I answer "dad was in charge while I was gone. I'm not handling it." If they say dad didn't do anything I just say that it was his choice. School starts here on the 15th. I have a massage schedule for the following Tuesday. Take care of yourself. Your children and your husband need for you to be strong and whole. Spend time taking care of your spiritual, physical and emotional needs so you are strong enough to take care of your families. Excuse me, I have to go work out.


Leaders In Learning said...

Good advice. I need to do this more!

Christine said...

Last night I literally hid in my closet and talked on the phone for three hours with an old friend. My husband got everyone fed and in bed and stood as body guard over said closet so that I could talk undisturbed.

It was wonderful.

Brenda said...


Good for you! You are so resourceful.

Lisa said...

Going to bed early and I make sure to get up 45 minutes ahead of J so that I can get ready in peace & quiet then I have about 15 minutes for meditation/prayer time on my deck. I have to get myself centered first before I can start the day. Tonight I went to the grocery store & Sam's by myself. Woo hoo!!!!
It's really important to take extra good care of yourself when dealing with RAD.
You're a fabulous mom and I love the way you think!

Brenda said...


Thanks. I needed to hear that today. We had a family day yesterday so there was serious acting out today.

Denise said...

Glad to hear the zoo thing went fairly well. I totally understand the loud "chatter" thing - it never stops here! I had my appointment yesterday for Mackenzie - call me when you have time if I don't get ahold of you first. Want to run some things past you.