Friday, August 8, 2008

RAD and School

I know I wrote about this not too long ago but I wanted to open this up to everyone. A friend of mine is beginning her first year as a counselor in a school. She emailed and asked for ideas as she is gong to have some kids with RAD in her school. How awesome is it that she is interested and really wants to know? Don't you wish more people were like this? THANK YOU. So I'm going to put a few websites. Some things I wish teachers knew and ask you all to contribute to helping my friends new career! Thanks to all who do:

Here are some websites:

Here is a whole section devoted for teacher's on Nancy Thomas' website. You can explore there on the left.

This site has a section marked "school" on the left.

This site has "school issues" on the left.

Here are some things I like for teachers to now about our family:

We love our children with all our hearts. They may come to you and say we don't. They will try to make us sound harsh and mean. We are doing everything within our power to help them. Please don't take their side against us. Please listen to us and stand with us in our fight for their lives. We make mistakes but are trying to learn from them. We are seeking help from professionals who deal with RAD who know more about RAD then the school does. We understand you are an expert on kids. Our children do not think the way other kids think. You can not develop a trusting relationship or "bond" with this child. He will make you think you have.

Hmmm. That is all I can think of for the moment. Anyone else? I will still write about our issues with verbal abuse later today.


Anonymous said...

Thank you. Thank you. Thank you!

Renee said...

Reminds me of the old line I used to hear as coming from a teacher to a parent, "If you don't believe everything you hear about me, I won't believe everything I hear about you."

Valerie said...

I printed all those off from the website here in Central TX, and none of the school staff cares. They don't see the disorder, therefore, they refuse to even study it. They will not put him on an IEP, saying that the law doesn't recognize RAD as qualifying for special needs. They say that it is classified as behavioral issues. So, because they won't acknowledge it in the school setting, they will not follow through with any of my suggestions. So I am not going to homeschool my radling. TX law needs to change in the schools regarding this.