Friday, July 11, 2008

A Safe Place for Caleb

I know I have mentioned this book before. It is worth mentioning again. It is written on about a third grade level. It is about a boy named Caleb who has gone through foster care and is adopted. He has RAD. He shares his feelings about his birth mom and says all the deeper thoughts of a child with RAD. I have had my son read it out loud to me. He is then voicing many of his deep thoughts himself. It also has small posters and charts to put in their room about things such as Healing Beliefs. A few of the healing feelings are: I can heal one day at a time. Some people are trustworthy. Some people are not. I can learn the difference. I can heal 1 day at a time. I printed it off last night for my son's room. We are rereading the book. It seemed to really speak to Bear the first time. We were reading it on the way to therapy each week so never finished it but will this time. I told him last night that I am waiting for him to be ready but that he seems to have given up on himself. He is moving in the wrong direction. So I am going to start working again on many of the thoughts he has, but it is not going to happen unless HE does the work. This is the part he does not get. He is such a victim. He thinks he has no power. So.....will he get this? I have no idea. I will never give up.


Coffee Bean said...

I love how you just keep working on things! I also love how you share about it!

Anonymous said...

Hang in there. It is always darkest before the dawn and all that. I never dreamed I could have a healed little girl, but I do now. It can happen.
Linda N