Tuesday, July 29, 2008


I love learning. I am a bookworm. Of course I am learning as I am working on a Master's. I finished a class last night and have a couple of weeks off until the next session. I even love reading the text books because I think learning new things is exhilarating. The love of learning and books has come in pretty handy in parenting kids with RAD. I have a book case full of books on Attachment Disorder and have gone through our libraries supply. Like any parenting books you have to read with discernment. They cannot all be correct and they are not all going to work for every parent - every child. The Internet also has a ton of information on it. Once again, discernment is important. We are blessed to live in a day and age where so much information is available to us. Parenting a child with RAD even 20 years ago would have been so much more difficult. There would have been so little information available and it would not have been recognized by most professionals. There are still many who do not but it is getting better. I hope you enjoy doing the reading by the professionals as well. They can give information and insight as to what has happened with your child's brain. Where his development took a wrong turn and give ideas on the correct path to helping him. At the right are some of my favorite books and websites. I know some of the other RAD mom's blogs have their favorites as well. If you haven't taken the time to read or see a new book take the time to help yourself out and find out more. Check out your local library and see what they have. I went in with the suggested reading list from the inside of When Love Is Not Enough and found a few. Many of the others are available at Amazon. com. Happy reading!


Emiley said...

Have you always loved learning? I haven't really, but I am starting to turn into more of a reader....since I became a mother and realized I have SO much to learn, and since I became a Christian.

Brenda said...

YES. My mom would have to come into my room at night or I would read until the wee hours of the morning. And just to encourage the moms. In first grade I was in the "Low" reading group and really struggled. At about 3rd grade I suddenly really took interest in reading. If there are no kids reading I will tell you I stil hate math.