Monday, July 28, 2008


I get a daily online devotional and this was in it this morning:

You are not born a winner
You are not born a loser
You are born a chooser

Simple but oh so profound. Every day our child with RAD makes choices. Will I try to trust a little? Will I push harder? Will I listen and do what she says? Will I let the fear take over? The choices my 16 yo is making currently are going to lead to a very tough life for him. But then I have choices. Can I just think about today and not worry about the future? Do I parent on purpose? Be proactive instead of reactive? Play offense not defense? I is so easy to slide into just reacting to his behaviors and being defensive. It takes faith and determination to say I am going to look past the behavior at the fear and parent the frightened little boy. Why? Because the way he reacts to his fears is strong and feels so personal. I think the reason it feels so personal is because it is a birth mom reaction. A very strong reaction to motherhood. I am the "current" (in his mind) mother. I am going to share this little poem with my boys but mostly today for myself I am going to ask what I want to choose. Have a healing day!


Simply Moms said...

Your children are blessed to have you as a mom. Your dedication consistently shines thorugh.

"What do you choose?" the question we are very familiar with around here.

Emiley said...

This is good....I like it because it is so simple, and so true.

Karen Deborah said...

yep it has to be hard not to buy into their fear. Fear is so contagious!