Friday, June 20, 2008

This, That and The Other

A friend asked me to write about a child's view of God and how it is shaped by RAD. I am doing research and collecting as much information as I can find. If you have anything you would like to add please email me at

After being up for 20 minutes this morning one son put a dent in the other ones wall with the door knob while they were fighting. I will patch it today, not to get him out of trouble but because my poor husband just went through and patched all the holes and I feel bad for him. He gets discouraged trying to keep up with the destruction to our house caused by our two sons.

I am going back to Weight Watchers. I am three lbs. over my goal weight. That may not sound like much but it will be easier to get back on track if I do it right away. Past experience tells me it will keep heading the wrong way if I don't.

I am missing having a weekly therapist's visit to vent all my frustrations. I am trying to figure out what to do about this. I may have to find one closer just for me.

Have a healing day!


Christine said...

I'm sitting here, drinking coffee, listening to Mozart, while my husband folds laundry ...

... and my ds11 is laying on the couch pah-isssed off! I knew that a week at camp would lead to this. I was prepared, as much as one can be.

Have to keep him close to avoid destruction (one of the reasons I spent his whole week at camp ripping up the carpet in his room ... to better find ... er ... "angry messes").

Of course, cleaning out his room revealed some things that must now be corrected. He's thrilled, let me tell ya'.

More Mozart. More coffee.

Brenda said...

I LOVE Mozart. It is very relaxing. I like the Baby Mozart CDs the best. Does that mean something? I don't know. Your morning sounds nice. If we rip up carpet I think we have to replace the boards underneath. I hate finding those revealing surprises but it sounds like you handled it well. What kind of camp did he go too?

Karen Deborah said...

We are here for you too! If I would have tackled 3 pounds when it was 3 pounds and not 65 pounds I'd be a different girl. Your brilliant, it's true. I would rather talk to my friends though when I'm frustrated. Theraputic answers tend to tick me off, they sound canned.

Brenda said...

Karen Deborah,

I love talking with my friends. But this requires the professionals I think.