Saturday, June 21, 2008

Hurray for our Kids!

It is Saturday. Time for some positive thinking. Here are some positive things my kids did this week.

Oldest daughter: Was a listening ear for a friend going through a very tough time
Youngest daughter: Deep cleaned her room
Older son without RAD: Worked so hard on his swimming this week to prepare for a meet
Older son with RAD: Did ask for a hug once this week
Younger son recovering from RAD: When sent to pull weeds worked very hard and pulled a huge amount.

Have a great weekend!


Bren and Debi said...

I skipped last week,,,,there was a reason. LOL
This week:
Kyle my mildly MH son earned 50 dollars and is actually SAVING it toward a goal of a new television. (Big for him)

Charlotte, my daughter with RAD has had a helpful attitude.

Zach my son with anger issues, held it together more thimes than not.

Bren said...

Sorry I used the wrong account for my previous is ME.

Anonymous said...

We had our ups and downs this week, but overall it was a good week because God loves us and gives us grace!!
ELIJAH responsibly babysat for sibs last night so hubby and I could go out to dinner!
ANASTASIA (dd with RAD) helped clean this morning w/o complaining!
DANIELLE had compassion for a 9 yo boy in the Youth for Christ program where she is volunteering!
MICAH had self-control when sister w/ RAD wasn't being very nice to him!
RACHEL apologized and seemed remorseful for giving her brother a hard time when we were out last night!
CHERISE cheerfully folded laundry this morning!
BENJAMIN shared candy with sibs!
JONATHAN continues to bless me with his joyful attitude!
HUBBY blessed me by really trying to understand where our dd with RAD is coming from and what it's going to take to help her to heal!
Beth (bylerbunch)

Christine said...

Oldest son (with RAD) had a good week at camp, but an explosion after coming home. However, we survived that yesterday and he and I had a blast together at the Car Show today! He has wrapped his arms around me for hugs today WITHOUT PATTING MY BACK!!

Oldest daughter (with Tourettes) has learned strong sitting, and did it on her own this morning to help herself calm down.

Youngest son had a good week at camp, and would go hours without whining! That's big for him - his first year of camp.

Middle daughter (with RAD) is asking for hugs. She's loving the 12-hugs-a-day thing!

Youngest daughter is at her t-ball tournament right now, and her little team is kicking tail. She has been responsive to my correction this weekend, despite the acting out from having her older siblings returning from camp.

At this moment, no one is angry or disagreeable (granted, two are at the ball field! ha!).

Happy Saturday!

Rick said...

Please send the weed puller my way!!!!!

Brenda said...


He'll be over after the next fight. Of course, with the distance maybe he should leave now and just plan ahead. ; )


You have had some GREAT things happen this week. Very exciting.


I'm glad this week was better.


I never thought about adding Hubby into the positives. Great idea.