Thursday, May 1, 2008


On her website Righteous Buzz my friend Coffee Bean (and yes that is her real name) has challenged people to open up their blogs for questions for a day. So this is it. Ask away. If you have any questions about RAD I will try to find the answers for you. Questions about my life as a mom of 2 children with RAD or just questions about me as an exciting person ask away! If you are going to follow up with a question day make sure you say so in the comments so people can come check out your blog! Well????????


Coffee Bean said...

1. Have you always been a runner?

2. How old are all of your children?

3. How did you and your husband meet?

Rachelle said...

What super hero are you really??? : )

Anonymous said...

I have a question.....
My son was diagnoased with RAD Nov. 08 (he is 14) but we have been dealing with it for 8 years now without any support, help or even knowing what it was. Now at least we know.. My questions is: Why is it and what to do when our son does well when I am following him/watching over him. As soon as I turn my back, he does something. What can I do to change that?
ex: Supper time: I will prepare his plate and give it to him. (he is sitting there quietly) I turn around to prepare my husband's plate or mine and in the corner of my eye I see that he is teasing the dog or playing with his face (scabs/picking nose etc). Same thing with bathroom time ....brushing his teeth.....if I stand there watching, everything is fine.....I'll look away for a sec and he is washing the sink with his toothbush, spraying the mirror with water etc. What to do??? Please help
Thank you
Johanne L