Friday, May 2, 2008


The Righteous Buzz= Coffee Bean

1. Have you always been a runner?

I started running right after college. I quit once I had kids. I have done some form of exercise most of the time over the years with lags in between. I just started running again as something to do with bonding with my son. I am slow.

2. How old are all of your children?

Daughter, 22, is a sr in college (will be 23 in July)

Daughter, 19, is a fr in college

Son, 15 is a fr in high school ( they will be 16 in June)

son, 15 (yes they are twins) is a fr in high school

son, 13, is in 7th grade

Yes that is 4 teens.

3. How did you and your husband meet?

We were married when we were 25 and 27. We were attending different churches from each other but went to the same large singles group activities at his. Our first date was to see Indiana Jones.

What kind of super hero are you?

I don't know. What would you call a 51 year old mom with 5 kids driving around in a 98 Jimmy? If I could be any super hero it would be:


Rachelle said...

That seems like a good choice : )

Coffee Bean said...

How fun! I loved reading your answers!