Thursday, April 3, 2008

surgery and RAD

My husband has sinus surgery first thing this morning. It went well. He will come home later today when he can hold down food. He always gets so nauseated. I was there for 7 hours but picked up boys and came home for awhile so my husband could sleep. Hopefully his stomach will be fine in an hour or so and he can come home. So I don't have time to really write today. Of course, our two boys with RAD didn't even ask how the surgery went or seem to concerned about the whole thing. Life is all about them. That is too be expected though. I get that.


Tami Boesiger said...

I hope he's feeling MUCH better soon.

Rachelle said...

Me too!!

Emiley said...

Hey Brenda! Thanks for visiting my blog! I didn't know you had one...I've learned a lot just by reading a few of your entries and I forwarded it to my family who is dealing with similar issues.

Hope your hubby is better soon!!