Friday, April 4, 2008

Simple Joys of Healing

I have told you about my youngest child as he heals from RAD. He had a major blow out at school yesterday. They tried to send him to the office. He refused to go. He came home angry and defensive. I was too tired to deal with it all with the hospital stuff we had going on. My hubby checked in at 7:30 am and we left at 9:30 pm. Ugh. I just told my youngest he was going to have to deal with it all himself. He is 13. I hoped he chose to handle it correctly but if not, he would have to deal with the consequences of whatever he decided to do. I was just loading the car with groceries a few minutes ago and it suddenly dawned on me. This morning he said "You sound tired mom." SMILE!!! This shows empathy and caring! Made my day. I remember a few months ago he was laying at one end of the couch and I was laying on the other. I suddenly realized we both had our feet laying on each other and neither of us noticed. Comfort in close touch! YEAH! He said this morning he would try to handle things at school in a mature way and not get angry. Our boy is healing. Sure he regresses and explodes now and then but I sure do enjoy the simple little things "normal" families take for granted!


Coffee Bean said...

You are a good mom. Hang on to those little positive moments when things are rough! I loved the visual of y'all hanging out on the couch with your feet touching. Very sweet!

Brenda said...

Coffee Bean,

Thanks! I love your nic name and the nic names of your kids. I'm quite the coffee drinker and nothing cheers me up like a good latte! In fact, give me a latte, free wifi and my laptop and I'm in hog heaven. (Panera Bread has lattes and free wifi btw)

Renee said...

Brenda - Way to go young-un!

Aves @ Call of the Phoebe said...

Nice to hear success sories..and I am glad your husband is doing well