Thursday, March 13, 2008

Cruelty to Animals/RAD

OK. That photo is the wrong kind of cruelty. But I needed to lighten the moment because this is such a difficult one for me to even talk about. I am a real animal lover and have volunteered in the past at our local animal shelter. We have 2 very tiny dogs and 3 cats. Animal cruelty is the symptom of a serial killer as listed in many articles and books. If you want a specific reference: Monsters or Victims? What They are and Who They Kill by Shirley Lynn Scott. So this is a symptom to be taken very seriously. I do need to say it is one of the few symptoms we have not seen. At least not physical cruelty. They do yell at our pets harshly and chase them. These are both big no nos at our house and result in them not being allowed to touch them for awhile which is hard to enforce. Animals are so forgiving that they go right back to them and want to be loved by them. If your child does have an issue with animal cruelty I would seek professional help right away.

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Rachelle said...

I too, would have a really hard time with this one : (