Monday, January 21, 2008

If Mama Ain't Happy Ain't Nobody Happy

So.... what do we do when those days of fatigue and being overwhelmed set in? I am writing this on a day when I feel pretty good, so don't worry about me! : ) I have a few suggestions. I believe it is when our emotional, physical or spiritual needs are not being met that it is easier for us to be overcome. We are raising difficult children that can suck the energy, love and joy right out of us if we are not careful. Very careful. Here is what I do:

Emotionally: Find someone you can talk too. Your husband, a friend, a therapist and talk to them regularly about how you really feel. You can't just keep "sucking it up" and moving on or you will be emotionally exhausted. If it doesn't come out in your words it is likely to come out in your parenting in a negative way. Focus on the positive relationships in your life. Make sure to take time for your husband, healthy children and friends. Relationships that do give back are vital when you are dealing with a child who does not.

Physical: I think the most important is sleep. I know when my kids were at their highest escalation I had to add an hour of sleep every night. I also thinking avoiding junk food and trying to think of food as way of fueling your body helps. When you eat too much sugar and have the blood sugar swings it does not help at all. I also think some form of exercise is important as it can be an emotional release. Put your anger into your walk, exercise video or floor exercises. Nancy Thomas recommends taking vitamins, especially the B vitamins. I have them. But to be perfectly honest am terrible at taking them.

Spiritually: You need time alone with God. Time to pray and reflect. Fill up your spiritual tank. Time to read the Bible and see what He has to say to you. I find even just getting out for a walk and letting the breeze hit my face and taking in what God has made to be very healing for me. I always have been an "outdoor" kind of girl though. Be careful what music you listen too. Listen to music that makes you feel better. Not that makes you feel worse.

Take care of yourself. You have one life. One chance. Don't use it all up being drained. There is more. There is better.


Rachelle said...

Great advice! Glad to hear this is a good day for you!

Denise said...

I am going to print this out as my reminder every day. I am that person who allows this illness to drain me. I know that stress is my enemy but I feel like I have to learn how to walk before I can conquer the obstacle course.

Jules said...

"It takes about two months to completely overload a kid on sugar. I just did an experiment with a child who was deprived of sugar. He was stealing everything that wasn’t nailed down. I fed him ice cream three times a day. His morning bowl of cereal had an inch of sugar on it."

"Connell [Watkins] said to give him all the sugar I could get down him … I just poured the sugar down this kid for two months."

... So I guess it's cool to do that to your kids but when it comes to yourself you avoid sugar because it causes mood swings? Seems reasonable.