Monday, November 12, 2007

When Love Is Not Enough/Dandelion on My Pillow, Butcher Knife Beneath

These are 2 books written by Nancy Thomas. I believe each needs to be read by every parent of a child with RAD. When Love Is not Enough is a very practical parenting guide for RAD. She gives the basic symptoms and causes of RAD. Then she gives step by step instructions on how to handle behavior that occurs along with those symptoms. Dandelion on My Pillow, Butcher Knife Beneath is the story of Nancy Thomas' life. It will give you a real appreciation for her as a therapeutic parent. It also talks about how she uses many of the methods she talks about in the first book in her daily life. It will also show you just how serious RAD can become if untreated and will probably make you feel better about how your child is doing! I feel the more books I read on the subject the more I feel prepared to parent my children and the more comfortable I become with the fact that this is a disorder that is not just a behavior problem but is much bigger than that. It is treatable but does require certain parenting techniques that have to be learned from books and an attachment therapist. It is not about poor parenting or having better parenting instincts. It is about learning NEW parenting methods that will work with this disorder.


Anonymous said...

I'm waiting to order these until my friend brings me her Nancy Thomas stuff. They may already be coming. I did read "Don't touch my heart" and boy could I relate.
Linda N

Brenda said...

I let R read that book.