Tuesday, November 13, 2007


The flu bug has hit our house. What an interesting lesson in RAD. R has been doing so well with his attachment to me and it even shows up when he is sick.

Child with RAD: If I run my fingers threw their hair - "Mom don't that hurts."

If I pull the blankets under their chin -"That is making me hot."

They check right away to make sure I have the correct foods and medication.

Whatever food I do bring is not what they wanted.

Child NOW: If I run my fingers threw his hair - pushes his face sweetly against my hand.

If I pull the blankets under his chin - snuggles in

Whatever food or medication I bring is fine and appreciated.

Also interesting is the other child with RAD who is NOT sick. " I saw him sticking his finger down his throat yesterday so I think he made himself sick" When I pointed out that if he caught it he would get the same sympathy he said "Well maybe he IS sick." Then later "Well at least he didn't get bronchitis like I had that one time. Now that was really bad." So needy and yet pushing away so hard.


Renee said...

Although it might be interesting to see how current RAD child would be affected by the flu at this point, I hope for all of you he stays physically healthy. And you too.

Rachelle said...

Me too! May the germs leave your house soon!!

Tami Boesiger said...

So sorry you got the bug. Hang in there.