Sunday, November 11, 2007


We are peeling back the layers. How many layers are there?????? A went into therapy withdrawn and showing little emotion. He then became angry. Mostly angry with me. All the time. He is now starting to show times of immense sadness. You can see it in his eyes way down deep. What is under there and how long will it take to get through this layer? I have a feeling it is a pretty thick layer. It is sometimes still hidden by anger or confusion as he tries to figure out this whole mom/relationship thing. If mom is not dangerous, mean, and something to be feared, then who is this person? What a journey. A good friend (Joan if you are there) once told me that life is an adventure. Sometimes we want off that roller coaster. Sometimes we put up our hands and scream and enjoy the ride. Depends on the day. But an adventure it is. It is exciting to wonder what lies ahead and as we keep peeling back. Who will we find when we get to who he really is?

After writing this a friend reminded me that Shrek said he had layers like an onion. HA! So maybe this was not an original idea.

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Renee said...

Sometimes we throw up or get nose bleeds. Or maybe that is just my deal with rollercoasters.