Saturday, November 10, 2007


The one thing I keep hearing about me is that I am strong. I am always baffled by this and a little confused. I figure everyone else is like me. Or I am like everyone else whichever it should be. So I have been analyzing where this phrase "Brenda you are strong" comes from.

1. My strength comes from the Lord. Because of past events in my life I have seen that He can get me through all things.

2. My kids are counting on me. If I am not there for them to do this who will? It needs to be mom in this situation.

3. I take care of myself. I know this is so confusing and it used to be confusing for me. We are taught to put others first. Not to be self centered. We are all sickened by the Every Man For Himself mentality of todays world. It is taking caring of my emotional needs - the time alone, the coffees with friends, the occasional pedicure or manicure (if my daughters are reading this, no wise cracks. They tease me about how often I do it) My physical needs of extra sleep when the boys are acting out, exercise and trying to eat very healthy foods, the spiritual needs of time with God, quitting my jobs at church so I can be fed for awhile and the prayers of my friends.

4. A very supportive husband. I have needed a lot more hugs lately and he is always there. If I say any sentence that begins "I need..." his answer is "of course". When I told him I wanted to work on a masters in counseling he had the initial knee jerk response at the expense and then said "go for it."

5. My friends are always there and encouraging and cheering me on. Its like a marathon runner with family and friends along side lines cheering. How can I fail? that I think about it, if I am as strong as people keep telling me I am, (I still say you are just as strong as me) it is because of the support of my God, my husband and each of YOU.


Tami Boesiger said...

Hmmm. . .I could use a little bit of your strength. I don't like how often I feel weak. I think of myself as more dependable than strong. Big difference. You give me some food for thought, though, as I read your point about taking care of yourself. Your advice on this has hit me before too. It's not that I don't try to care for myself, but I don't necessarily make it a priority. You've made me ponder the whole issue.

Brenda said...


I found that I did not feel strong even when people said it until I faced some fears I have. I have really dealt with those and it has made a huge difference in how strong I feel.

Renee said...

Brenda - Nope - you are still a stronger person than most I know. Also a smarter one and incredibly logical about what you need and why. And though I know I should, and possibly even could, do those things - I never seem to follow through. But I will stand by and throw water on you as you run your marathon. ;-)

Brenda said...


Thanks. Do you have any lemon lime Gatorade?

Rachelle said...

I agree with the others, you seem stronger than me, and probably not as selfish as I feel I am. This mothering is sure not for the faint of heart, biological child or not.

Anonymous said...

What choice do we have but to be strong and carry on? We can do anything through God's strength. But, parenting these kids is not for the faint of heart. B holds up a mirror that shows me in ways that I may never have had to see and it hurts to know that she can disolve me to complete defeat with her broken and bruised little heart. Thanks for cheering me on. Linda N