Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Giving this another whirl!

Would you believe we are empty nesters? I need to go through and update my information. Life has been good. I have over 500 unpublished comments I need to go through.....but I'm ready to start writing again....only this time as the mother of grown children, two of whom have RAD. And as a therapist working primarily with foster and adopted children...I will spend the next couple of weeks updating my blog site and then hope to write at least weekly on RADical thoughts.

: ) Of course, I also need to take a meander around some of your blogs and see what is up. I've been in Grad school, starting a satellite office and then becoming fully licensed.....just a bit. More later....but not too much later.

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Hedged in Beauty said...

Welcome to the empty nest club!

Empty nesting is pretty darned delightful to tell you the truth!!!!

Anyone who doesn't know me outside my blog might think I live quite the meloncholy life... UNTRUE!!!! I pretty much only blog RAD related stuff there as it continues to arise with our currently estranged 4+ years RAD adoptees. Hasn't been much bliss regarding that... I can assure you hubby and I are enjoying our Empty Nest!!!!

We are so grateful for the 10 Beautiful Years we had with our adoptees... and having seen them walk in mental health during that time, we're eager to see the day where they are able once more to be more truthful with themselves and others.